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Apple, Amazon, Hulu, Verizon, Time Warner, Cox, Comcast, Charter, AT&T (broadcast)

Nickelodeon (soundtrack)


2020 LA Under The Stars Film Festival: Official Selection (Warrior Spirit)

2020 Hollywood Art and Movie Awards: Official Selection (Warrior Spirit)

2020 New Media Film Festival: Official Selection (Warrior Spirit)

2019 Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival: Best Feature Screenplay (Warrior Spirit)

2019 Los Angeles Film Awards: Winner (Warrior Spirit screenplay)

2019 LA Live Film Festival: Official Selection (Warrior Spirit screenplay)

2019 Los Angeles Cinematography Awards: Finalist (Warrior Spirit screenplay)

2019 New York City International Screenwriting Awards: Official Selection (Warrior Spirit screenplay)

2019 Los Angeles VOD Film Festival: Official Selection (Warrior Spirit screenplay)

2019 Page Turner Screenplays: Official Selection (Warrior Spirit screenplay)

2019 Marina Del Rey Film Festival: Official Selection (Warrior Spirit screenplay)

2018 Los Angeles Film and Script Festival: Honorable Mention (Guns For Hire screenplay)

2017 Action On Film/ Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival: Best Action Sequence Feature (Moving Targets screenplay)

2016 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival: Best Unpublished Screenplay (Moving Targets)

2016 World Series of Screenwriting: Finalist (Guns For Hire)

2016 Hollywood Screenplay Contest: Finalist (Guns For Hire)

2012 California Film Awards: Diamond Award (Deadline)

2012 Los Angeles Movie Awards: Award of Excellence (Deadline)

Film Work:

Deadline (feature film written and directed by)   www.deadline-themovie.com

Fortitude and Glory: Angelo Dundee and His Fighters (sports documentary written and directed by)   www.fortitudeandglory.com

In-Development Projects:

Moving Targets (feature): A private eye and his sidekick go undercover into the LA underworld to find a missing girl and stop a crime boss who's dealing chemical weapons to the Korean mob   www.movingtargetsmovie.com

Guns for Hire (feature): A fast-paced action-thriller about a group of street assassins who deal in vigilante justice. These outlaws battle the dregs of the earth, righting the injustices of society and crimes against humanity. Sizzle reel:  www.youtube.com

Warrior Spirit (feature) A past his prime Las Vegas boxer must win his next fight against an Olympic gold medalist to pay for his daughter's kidney transplant. Should he win he will donate one of his kidneys to her and retire. The money he'll make for the fight won't be enough to cover the operation so he's forced to bet his entire purse with a Vegas mobster. Sizzle Reel:  www.youtube.com

The Long Count (feature): The story of 1920's heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey's controversial fights with former Marine Gene Tunney in which he lost and attempted to regain his title. Teaser:  www.youtube.com

Blow By Blow (series): A half-hour, sports-themed series featuring the top trainers in boxing and UFC each giving a blow-by-blow analysis of their famous fights and fighters, hosted by one of the biggest names in UFC. A show about the techniques, strategies, and training methods necessary to become a champion. This series is a continuation of Fortitude and Glory. Promo:  www.youtube.com